Inflation – The Metric to Keep An Eye On

Few people, if any, have a proverbial ‘crystal ball’ to determine exactly what the Bank of Canada will do with interest rates in the coming months and years. What strategic investors can do is pay close attention to the influencers of Canadian monetary policy to better grasp what may happen, and plan accordingly. 

Our underwriting practice currently includes CMHC-insured rates in the 4.5% to 5.25% range. While commercial rates are less correlated to the prime rate set by the back of Canada, it does indicate where the 5-year bond may be headedwhich is the base rate used by commercial lenders to price long-term fixed mortgages. 

One of the primary influencers of monetary policy in Canada is inflationand knowing this will help you better understand what may likely happen during the next Bank of Canada rate announcement.   


One of the Bank of Canada’s key responsibilities is to keep inflation under control at a neutral rate that hovers around 2% per year. As of today, the most recent national inflation number is sitting at 6.9%. While inflation has gradually subsided from its peak of 8.1% in May 2022, we are still far off from the target. 

The Bank of Canada uses interest policy as one of the primary means to impact inflation as measured by CPI (consumer price index). As long as the inflation rate is high, we can expect the Bank of Canada to continue increasing rates to tame inflation.

Impact of Monetary Policy on Rental Demand

While growing interest rates do increase the cost of capital (cost to service debt on real estate)—putting pressure on cash flow on properties with newly placed debt—it is placing upward pressure on rental rates in key markets. 

Even though residential home prices have subsided in the last few months primarily due to the increasing cost of borrowing, housing is still relatively unaffordable to purchase for many. With an increasing number of people entering Canada as immigrants and an already under-supplied housing market, debt unaffordability continues to direct many people looking for homes into the rental market—increasing demand and driving up rental rates.  

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