Our Investing Principles

Our principles guide us in making strong investment decisions, enabling us to mitigate risk in favour of strong upside. We practice what we teach.

Strong Market Fundamentals

Investing in markets with strong fundamentals provides an added layer of risk mitigation for our investments.

• Strong GDP
• Population growth
• Strong employment market
• Strong transit system
• High rental unit demand and low rental unit supply

Acquire Assets With Strong Upside

We acquire under-managed assets as they provide us the opportunity to deliver a strong ROI.  We target properties to improve the financials in the following way:

• Improve overall management
• Asset repositioning
• Increase rents to market rates
• Property improvement
• Targeting buildings with 10+ units

Partner With Like-Minded People

We partner with people that share our values, principles and investment objectives.

• Driven to build generational wealth
• Comfortable with a 5+ investment horizon
• Want to leverage the multiplier effects of commercial real estate
• Looking for reduced volatility in their investment portfolio
• Looking for strong equity appreciation

Three Pillars of Service

Buy/Sell Buildings