The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Hosts Mark Baltazar and Mike Rockall interview a wide range of guests, highlighting specific topics that help passive and active investors gain a better understanding of the multifamily space, helping them get started and make informed investment decisions.

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  • Ange F.Ange F.

    "Can't believe how amazing your information is! I listened to 4 podcasts the first day I discovered it."

  • Schadz12474Schadz124745 Stars

    "Great value and appreciate the Canadian perspective on Multifamily Real Estate!"

  • W. McGillW. McGillPutting Out a Great Show

    "I want to get into 10+ multis and your show will probably be the thing that helps me get there."

  • DrRen-X (Apple Podcasts)DrRen-X (Apple Podcasts)Great podcast!

    "Thanks guys, love the show. Awesome guests and great content."

  • Real E Greenstone (Apple Podcasts)Real E Greenstone (Apple Podcasts)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    "Interesting insights and extremely valuable information!"

  • Hipster008 (Apple Podcasts)Hipster008 (Apple Podcasts)Great listen!

    "Great information from highly credible investors!"

  • Pink Crown Creative (Apple Podcasts)Pink Crown Creative (Apple Podcasts)Awesome!

    "Mark and Mike are so knowledgeable in this market and have such wisdom in sharing what they know about real estate investing. A great listen for anyone interested in learning how they too can profit from investing in the right opportunities."

  • McSkinney007 (Apple Podcasts)McSkinney007 (Apple Podcasts)Investing 101

    "Tons of valuable information guys time well spent!!"

  • ‘kkkkkk (Apple Podcasts)‘kkkkkk (Apple Podcasts)Love it

    "Great podcast! Love what you guys are doing. Thanks for the great advice, always detailed yet very practical!!! Can’t wait to hear more!"

  • Craigmac9 (Apple Podcasts)Craigmac9 (Apple Podcasts)

    "Great listen!! So much knowledge, thx guys"

  • Zammtec (Apple Podcasts)Zammtec (Apple Podcasts)Great info

    “Easy listening and lots of good info especially regarding the CMHC. Look forward to hearing more on multifamily.”


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2 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. Fahad Almutlag

    Hi guys…I have been listening to your podcast and I believe it is one of the best podcasts targeting Canadian multifamily RE arena. I like the ideas brought in, guests you interview and the amount of information listeners can add to their portfolio. So keep it going.

    I am a multifamily RE passive investor and would like to suggest to interview some passive investors, to share their thoughts, from failures to successful experiences, and what are the takeouts others can benefit from.

  2. Jenny Gou

    Hello Mark and Mike,

    I hope you are doing well! I wanted to reach out to you regarding your Real Estate and Passive Income Investment Podcast.

    We are the co-founders of Vertical Street Ventures – a multifamily real estate acquisitions firm based in California with a portfolio of over $125 Million of assets under management across various markets.

    We would love to see how we can partner with your team to add value and further educate your listeners on topics related to multifamily real estate investing!

    If you are interested, we are happy to cover any topics that have not yet been discussed on multifamily. Here are some of the topics we have talked about in previous podcasts:

    Mentor / Mentee Relationships: How to find a Mentor and add valu
    Going from 0 to 1000 doors in a year (during COVID!)
    Asset Management – how to operate like a Fortune 100 company
    Leaving your W2 job
    Real Estate Mindset
    and more!

    Most importantly, we have a huge passion to share what we’ve learned in this industry to help others achieve their version of financial freedom. To help spread the word, we would be happy to market the episode to our email list and social media platforms – collectively, we are nearing 4000+ people on our database and growing quickly.

    For more information on our background – here is a link to our website and a few other podcasts our team has had the pleasure of being a part of: https://verticalstreetventures.com/podcasts/.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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