Author: Mark Baltazar

Why Multifamily Apartment Buildings Are a Stable Investment

Multifamily continues to be real estate’s most in-demand asset class, in part due to its stability and predictability for investors. Apartment buildings have long been known for its resilience in even-changing market environments. Here is why it is so favourable among investors looking for stability in their investment portfolios. 1. Housing is in High-Demand and […]

What is a Good Cap Rate?

“What is a good cap rate?” This is one of the most common questions we get from investors that are starting their journey into the commercial multifamily investing space. While it’s a good question for an inquisitive mind, “good” is a relative term and highly dependent on the individual investor. What may be deemed “good” […]

Achieving Your Goals in 2021

With a new year upon us, the excitement of achieving bigger and better things fills many of us with excitement. The start often acts as the starting point for designing a new set of goals or updating past ones for the coming year. What have you decided to achieve in 2021 to make it your […]

Cash Flow or Equity?

Every investor has a different reason for wanting to invest in real estate. Some people look to real estate as a “passive” income stream that augments retirement pensions, savings or even supplements current income streams. Passive forms of investing are also known as hands-free investments and are well positioned for those that want to invest […]