Canada Is Becoming A Renters Market

The Canadian Rental Market Continues to Grow

Statistics continue to point to the strength of the rental market in Canada.  Below is an excerpt from an article published by RBC’s Robert Hogue, Assistant Chief Economist and Rachel Battaglia, Economist; that underscores the opportunity for rental apartment operators to continue growing their businesses by supplying rental housing for Canadians.

Recent Study By RBC...

Published in RBC’s Proofpoint:

  • The ranks of Canadian renters is growing fast. Though two-thirds of Canadian households owned their home in 2021, renters have increased at three times the rate of homeowners in the past decade. 

  • The shift to renting has been widespread across age groups and areas, though younger Canadians and urbanites still make up the largest group. 

  • Growth in rentership is now strongest among baby boomers and in smaller cities. 

  • The affordability pressures, demographic forces, and behavioural preferences currently driving this change will continue to fuel it in the years ahead. 

  • The bottom line: The rapid growth in renters isn’t about to slow down. Concerted efforts among policymakers, developers and builders are required to ensure, expand and diversify Canada’s stock of suitable, affordable, and stable rental housing.
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About the Author:

Mark Baltazar, Co-Founder of Peak Multifamily Investments

Mark began his real estate investing career in 2014 focusing on single-family rehabilitation projects and single-family rentals. He then shifted to commercial multifamily in 2017, growing a portfolio of over $40 million in assets under management to date.

The multifamily strategy executed to date has included the acquisition of underperforming apartment buildings, improving, and repositioning them to a stabilized operating business – the same strategy the Trust will continue executing on.

Prior to real estate, Mark has extensive business experience spanning over 20 years, with 15 years as a partner in a brand strategy and analytics firm with clients that include some of the world’s largest consumer brands. In this role, Mark was responsible for the revenue growth of the firm and the delivery of strategic consulting services to help the firm’s clients achieve growth through new product innovation and strategic brand repositioning. Mark sold his remaining stake in the business in 2020 to enable him to remain hyper-focused on continuing to grow a private equity real estate investment business.

Mark’s 20+ years of strategic management experience and 10+ years of real estate investment experience has been an integral driver of the growth that Peak Multifamily Investments Ltd. has experienced to date and will continue to drive growth of the Trust into the future.